Acting These 4 Ways Leads To Divorce, According To This Psychologist

When it comes to relationships, it turns out to be a real science. John Gottman, a distinguished American psychologist has discovered 4 threatening types of behavior, the so called “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.” He has been analyzing relationships for about 40 years. For this reason, we recommend that all of us carefully think about these 4 biggest behaviors of divorce. The point is to recognize danger and save your love.



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Indicators: If your partner is saying/ doing things that underestimate your feelings and personality, then be sure your partner doesn’t respect you the way you want him/ her to do. On the other hand, this behavior is egoistic and you don’t have to put up with it anymore.

How to fix it: Convert the position with your partner. Every time you try to mock with your partner, let the empathy govern your behavior and feelings.



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Indicators: Your partner is always blaming you for something, actually – everything! And you can’t stand it anymore to be guilty for every single thing.

How to fix it: Hey, nobody’s perfect! We all makes mistakes, keep that in your mind. Don’t make a fuss of everything, choose your words and manner when asking your partner to change for sake of mutual happiness.

Defensive behavior


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Indicators: If you want a successful and healthy relationship, forget the criticism and accusations! The only thing you can get is fight and suffering. One can describe these situations as: “Actually, I shouldn’t have done it!“, ”It’s not my fault!” etc.

How to fix it: It feels good to say – I’m sorry – from time to time. You may try it and you’ll feel the difference. There are loads of ideas to spend your time in a much quality way.

Avoiding a conflict


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Indicators: Problems are inevitable part in every relationship. Some partners choose to ignore them. They even ignore their partners.

How to fix it: Don’t run away from problems, they will surely come back, more dangerous and bigger than the previous ones. Sharing emotions is the key.

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