Woman From Pakistan Suffers Ghastly Acid Attack From Jealous Friend, But Skillful Surgery Salvages Her Face

cosmetic face surgery

A female named Kanwal Qayyum from Pakistan was dreadfully deformed when an envious friend attacked her with chemicals, but skillful surgery eventually repaired her face.

The woman was irreparably scarred through getting covered in sulphuric acid as she was resting, by an ex-friend who resented the thought of Qayyum elevating her career. The bitter acquaintance became consumed with jealousy in Qayyum’s pursuit to become a flight attendant.

cosmetic face surgery

Qayyum’s nose was destroyed during the assault and it took cosmetic specialists nearly 10 years to repair her face.

The disfigured woman has just distributed images of her impressive cosmetic transformation after surgeons totally reassembled her nose region with thigh tissue.

The pictures display the remarkable change in Qayyum’s look after the acid was thrown on her nearly a decade ago. ┬áPlastic surgeons made a fresh nose and reconstructed her facial area.

A surgeon from the staff assisting her, Dr. Asim Shahmalak, took a long trip to develop a pair of modified eye-brows and eyelashes crafted from transplanted scalp hair.

cosmetic face surgery

Prior to the surgical procedures, Qayyum had been drawing her eyebrows using a dark marker.

Dr. Shahmalak is among a small number of cosmetic surgeons on the planet who is able to perform such complicated eyelash and eyebrow surgeries with the level of proficiency which Qayyum was able to receive.

Shahmalak does a lot of these procedures on females who have destroyed their eyelashes and eyebrows due to plucking them out too often or using fake eyelashes incorrectly.

cosmetic face surgery

cosmetic face surgery

Qayyum recently got married because of the excellent work by the cosmetic expert.

“I cannot thank the doctor enough…he has completely transformed my face and I love my new eyebrows and new eyelashes,” Qayyum expressed.

The acid that was thrown on Qayyum is able to be purchased for less than a dollar around nearby neighborhoods without any difficulty.


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