11 Of The Best April Fools Pranks You Can Play On Friends And Family

These are some of the best April Fools pranks you can play on your friends and family.


A Fishtank In Office Drawer


Does your cubicle mate have Finding Nemo on the brain? No? Oh well, he will soon. If you take an industrial strength see-through garbage bag and put it in an office drawer, then get a few goldfish and some aquarium rocks to put at the bottom, it will make an epic April Fools prank they’ll never forget. Please keep the fish for yourself, or get someone else to take care of them if you’re gonna do this one.

Doughnuts full of Mayonnaise


This is amazing for the people that always steal food, whether it’s roommates or office mates. Replace the cream out of doughnuts with mayo, and wait…

The impossible can


This one isn’t the best one on the list, but it takes literally 1 second. Flip the soda can tab the other way and give it to someone as a treat.

Caramel Onions


Make caramel apples, except on one or two of them, replace the apples with onions. Most people won’t ever be able to tell the difference. Prepare for a punch in the arm.

Troll bill


Take a drop card bill and cut off the corner. Attach a funny picture to the rest of it and stick it in a book as a bookmark.

Balloon cake


In this prank, take a used cereal box, a balloon, tape, and something like whipped cream to fill on the outside of it. Cut the top of the box off, put the balloon on the inside of the box but leave the top of the box exposed enough so that when the knife cuts it will pop the balloon. Wait for the poor sap to slice into it.

Spider on TP


Who wouldn’t get more freaked out than seeing a spider on the toilet paper they’re about to use? Draw a spider on the TP and wait to hear about the horror.

Freaky picture on ceiling


Take out the ceiling tile in your office or apartment and replace it with an incredibly scary object like some character from a horror movie. Wait for the arm punch that will come after your victim realizes you did it.

Shower with caramel


Put Caramel in the shower head when your victim isn’t aware. Don’t do this prank if they are allergic to caramel.

A toilet for the busiest person


For anyone at work that always complains they don’t have any time, put a spare commode at their desk for their office chair.

The “S*$# Storm”


This is one of the best and worst pranks of all time. If you are prepared for the literal “crapstorm” that may happen and also prepared to be on doodie duty and clean it all up, take saran wrap and put it under the toilet seat. Wait for the terror.

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