Army Officer Writes Memo Banning Nickelback And Other “Terrible” Bands

An officer of the U.S. Army shocked his personnel a few weeks ago when he released a memo barring all songs written by various rock artists.

The captain who distributed the letter was concise and got right to the point. The memo consisted of just two lines: one was a selection of the restricted rock groups, and the second was the point of contact details.

As documented in NME, it was plainly titled, “Banned Playing of Terrible ‘Rock Groups,” confirming that the memo didn’t mince words.

Guidelines required that Army staff, employees, or soldiers designated to a specific command post should not put on any tracks or music made by 5 particular bands. Korn, Creed, Slipknot, Smashmouth, and Nickelback were not allowed from that time forward.

The memo was so strict it even commanded the troops to refrain from queuing up the bands no matter what the hour, even when they were not on duty.

A redacted form of the memo was initially circulated on the ‘U.S. Army W.T.F! Moments’ Facebook page and was passed around immediately to other places on the net.

The representative of the FB page, Mike Trysom, asked: “Do we really think this commander signed that memo as a lawful order?” Trysom continued, “No, not at all. It was likely a joke or a prank he played on one of the platoons.”

Trysom seemed to go along with the officer’s sentiments even though he knew the commander probably wasn’t totally serious.

The FB page rep stated,”We think it was pretty funny, and…we approve of his prohibitions, especially.”

Because of a significant general public consensus that their music is awful, Nickelback continues to be humiliated by the public.

Only 90 days ago, Canadian law enforcement officials had told drivers who were under the influence that they were going to make them listen to Nickelback’s tunes as a penalty. A few weeks after that, Facebook published a clip indicating there “are no good Nickelback songs.” These guys just can’t win…

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