Man Agrees To Babysit Sister’s Boyfriend’s Child, Then Finds Out About The Amber Alert

It turns out the baby a Washington state couple was babysitting was a kidnapped child.

According to John Tuong, he was watching the boy for his sister’s boyfriend. Tuong said his sister told him it was his son. She promised the couple they’d be gone for the night and come back the next day. They never did, and Tuong’s text messages were never answered.

Tuong said it was perhaps the craziest thing he’s ever heard.

On Tuesday night, authorities had issued an Amber Alert for the child after he was taken from his Des Moines, Washington home. It wasn’t until Wednesday morning that Tuong and his wife learned the truth about the child’s identity.

Tuong said he was reading his Facebook news feed when he saw the Amber Alert come across. He said the child resembled the one sleeping in his bed. He wondered what was going on.

Tuong called authorities who then found his sister and arrested her for kidnapping. Authorities say his sister and the baby’s grandmother had gone into the boy’s mom’s home and incapacitated her using a Taser. They took the mother to a home in Fife and left her tied up in a garage.

She managed to escape and get a neighbor to help her. She sustained no major injuries in the incident.

Tuong said the little boy was a wonderful child and didn’t cry very much. He liked his own children and the family dog.

He still cannot believe his sister was involved in such a horrific situation. Tuong said he’s just lost for words.