CEO Faces Backlash For Using “Snowflake Test” On New Job Applicants

The Chief Executive of company Silent Partner Marketing, Kyle Reyes, got a ton of job inquiries after one of the videos he marketed had gone viral.

That’s when Reyes came up with yet another idea that may get a ton of exposure, and certainly a controversial one. He created a “Snowflake Test” in order to sift through his job applicants.

“I don’t want most people to work for my company. Most people suck…Not just professionally. Just as people…They are whiny, needy, entitled little brats,” Reyes stated in NewBostonPost recently about his unique and questionable hiring process.

The other day the CEO said that with this “snowflake test” he can apparently determine if a prospect seeking a position is going to be the best match for the company’s “culture” and also the clients of Silent Partner.

The evaluation is a fairly simple process. There are thirty issues that are brought up to job seekers and they are to respond with concise answers along with longer multiple paragraph answers.

Here are a few sample questions of Reyes’ job application;

‘How do you feel about guns?’

‘ When was the last time you cried and why?’

‘What does America mean to you?’

‘How do you feel about the police?’

‘What does ‘privilege’ mean to you?’




The businessman explained that “someone who’s not proud to be an American” is not acceptable as a hire, and also people who don’t support the second amendment and the right to bear arms. Reyes continued and said Silent Partner engages in “a lot of work filming with guns. I carry. A lot of our team and clients carry as well. We have very hardcore American companies, and so you’ve gotta be comfortable around them.”

Reyes concluded about the crying question that he doesn’t mind people admitting the times they’ve cried but that, “I’m not gonna give you a safe space at our company.”

Regarding the “privilege” quandary Reyes responded, “I’m looking for people who are not entitled, who don’t have this sense that they should just be handed things … who are willing to work for everything they have.”

Reyes said Silent Partner works “very, very closely with a lot of police departments and so you need to be comfortable and willing to support the men and women who serve and protect.”

You could probably anticipate the company and executive have been inundated with opposition to the “Snowflake Test”, although he doesn’t seem too bothered by it.

“I was scolded by a woman on the phone yesterday who told me she wouldn’t take the test and ‘shame’ on me for making people take a test to come work for us…. “She ‘demanded’ I remove the test or risk losing out on ‘perfect employees’ like herself,” Reyes recalled.

His reply to the woman’s demand?

“Well, snowflake, it’s back to the heaping pile of applications for me.”


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