When His Wife Found These FB Messages, The Marriage Went Bad Fast…

Truth is sometimes bitter.

Truth definitely happened to Sharon and her husband Colin from Fort William in Scotland. Their love story began in 2000.

After two years, they got married. Everything seemed to be perfect. But, there’s always a – but…

In order to provide enough money for the wedding, besides his permanent job, Colin started working another job in a supermarket at Sainsbury’s.



Opposite to his first job, Colin was surrounded mostly by women in the supermarket. Then it all began.

Sharon started to notice a transformation in her husband’s behavior.

“It was as though a switch had been flicked and Colin was a new man,” she said.

By the time, Colin began to be obsessed with his mobile phone. That gave Sharon grounds for suspicion, so she logged into her husband’s Facebook account.


At her surprise, she read messages between three women and her husband. She discovered he was actually planning to meet these women.


Of course, she decided to do something about it.

“I saved the messages from the one woman and I let her know she was welcome to him over Facebook,” she said.


Everything fell to pieces – more than 10 years of their love, their marriage, everything. She made a decision to divorce.


Sharon wanted to share her private story just to spare other women from the same humiliation and to warn them to pay attention when their husbands start to act ‘differently’. On one hand, maybe she did the right thing. On the other hand, maybe Colin just wanted to show off a bit. Who knows… What would you do?

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