Black Woman Hits, Drags, Punches Woman At McDonald

A family was left in shock after an assault during a road rage incident at the McDonald’s parking lot in Northern California. The police are asking for help from anyone who may know information about this suspect, so they can apprehend them soon before someone else gets hurt.

A mom wanted to get food for herself and her two young children at the McDonald’s in Richmond on February 5th. She had no idea that trying to merge into a drive-through lane would lead her on an unexpected journey.

A woman from her car window screaming “You never should have cut you stupid b****!.” Amaro responded, “I wasn’t cutting, I was just going with the flow of traffic.” The abuse continued with the woman calling Amaro “ugly” and expletives. She then gets back into her car.

You can hear Amaro soothing her 3-year-old and 5-year-old saying, “See? that’s not how you should behave, okay?”

The suspect continued her verbal rant and even got out of the car. “She threw objects at my vehicle. She started throwing stuff, started attacking my window…hitting it with a water bottle really aggressively,” Amaro said.

The young children in the backseat witnessed it all and can be heard crying as well. The suspect then revved her engine and slammed into the back of Amaro’s car. “Oh my gosh!” Amaro exclaims, and the video ends.

What you don’t see on camera is how Amaro got out of the car and got dragged across the parking lot more than 150 feet after the suspect drove straight into her. When Amaro was on the ground, he received several blows to her face. “Looking back at what happened, I know I shouldn’t have gotten out of the car,” she said.

Though Amaro’s physical pain will heal, the mental toll from this act of road rage has had lasting effects. “I’m shaken by what my babies went through,” she said. “That they’re still traumatized. My youngest, who is three, keeps repeating, ‘The bad lady is going to break our windows, the bad lady is going to come to get me and break the windows!'”

Amaro told the public “She (the suspect) is out there and I really would like the public to help me recognize her. I just want the public to be aware of this person and what she did, the actions she caused my family.”

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