Black Man Shoots White Mom Of Four Driving For Uber

The suspect in a robbery and homicide reportedly told his victim that everything would be okay, but instead shot her in the head. The person who killed Uber driver Christi Spicuzza, 38 has been identified as Calvin Crew, 22. Her body was found in the wooded area.

black crime
Calvin Crew

Her family has been searching for Spicuzza ever since she disappeared on February 10. On the following 12th, police officers found her car in Pitcairn, Pennsylvania. The victim’s body was found in Monroeville with a gunshot wound to the head.

Superintendent Christopher Kearns of the Allegheny County Police Department said that it is unusual that Crew and Spicuzza did not know one another before the incident. Police say that the suspect ordered an Uber through his girlfriend’s phone and pulled a gun on Spicuzza after getting into her vehicle. The gun was pointed at the back of her head according to the authorities.

black crime
Christi Spicuzza

When Spicuzza reached back and felt the gun, she said “You’ve got be joking.” The video recorded by dashcam supported this claim. Spicuzza told Crew that she had a family and then he replied, “I got a family too. Now drive.”

“I’m begging you, I have four kids,” Spicuzza pleaded.

She repeatedly told him to put down the gun, but he wouldn’t listen. He demanded her to finish the trip and took her cellphone off the dashboard. “Do what I say, and everything will be all right,” he said as the video ended. Police officers found her dashcam abandoned near where Crew asked to be dropped off.

The investigation into the incident is still underway and it’s unclear if Crew’s girlfriend will face charges for her involvement. Officers reportedly refused to comment on a message in which she allegedly wrote Crew that she’s not going to jail if they get caught.

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