2-Year-Old Boy Accidentally Kills His Mom In Tragic Scene At Walmart

A two-year-old little boy in Hayden, Idaho unintentionally shot his mother with the hidden gun she had in her purse.

Around 10:20 a.m., the mother, 29, was with several of her children in Wal-Mart’s electronic section when the young boy, who was in the shopping cart, grabbed the gun in the mom’s purse and pulled the trigger.

According to authorities, she was immediately killed.

The store was evacuated, and employees were informed they were not to make any comments on the incidents until investigators had a chance to piece together what happened.

Stu Miller, a Kootenai County lieutenant, said store officials got everybody out and nobody else was injured. He said the incident is extremely tragic, as the mother just came to the store after the holidays to shop with them. She said the purse was in the shopping cart with the child and the mother was shopping.

Both Sheriff Ben Wolfinger and Miller said the shooting is considered to be accidental.

The store, in response to the shooting, said, the investigation into the incident was still going on, but it was working alongside with the sheriff’s department during the sad time.