Bride-To-Be Starts To Act Nuts, When The Doctors Figure Out The Disgusting Reason

The star of a wedding had gone completely nuts which in turn perplexed doctors, that is, up to the point they eventually figured out what had been going on with her. They discovered that there were larvae crawling around on her head.

botfly larvae

In footage displaying the horrific experience, Dr. Panacek points out that on the day of her wedding, the bride-to-be went to the emergency room having the sensation that there was an unidentified element moving around in her scalp. As the bride’s mother and father think that she had simply been attempting to get out of being wed, the Doctor soon finds the problem.

He comes closer the woman and instructs her to stay calm, then injects her with a needle. The doctor extracts larvae from a botfly out of her scalp and revealed that it was maturing within a sore in her head. The most probable possibility is that it had been a bite from a mosquito.

The doctor stated the larvae had probably lodged itself in her head when she was on a Costa Rican vacation for her bachelorette party because the type of botfly larvae he removed is not prevalent in the US.

The scary experience rapidly traveled across social media, with lots of users showing their shock and dread by what became of the woman who was about to be married.

In a related report, a mom found botfly larvae embedded in her son’s head following a visit to Costa Rica.

Jennifer Rindone informed KTLA that something had been slightly visible on her son’s scalp a day after their trip had ended.

The doctor who extracted the larvae recalled the procedure, “I got some forceps. I pulled out a little piece. I said ‘hmm, that’s interesting.'”

Rindone’s boy stated he hadn’t suffered negative results of the larvae’s invasion.

“I’m having a great time with the botfly out of my head,” the son recounted.