If You’re A Bride-To-Be, You Need To Check This Brilliant New Invention

In 2001-2002 Heather Worked at a Bridal shop in Trexlertown, PA and went from bagging dresses to being a consultant. She knew every concern of each bride, every want, every need. One of the most frequently asked questions was “how do I go to the bathroom in this thing?”

Heather knew there was no easy answer. Take the dress off? Have your girls helped you in the stall?

Heather went to work thinking of solutions. She loved to invent. So why hasn’t anyone thought of something to help the bride use the bathroom without getting her dress ruined? or wet, or worse, having several girls in a small stall with you?

Heather put the idea on hold because she had her two lovely children, the light of her life, Kacie & Sarah, and wanted to raise them. The product was put away and wasn’t seen until a little over a year ago. She looked at the bag sitting on the floor in the basement and thought- it’s time.

The Bridal Buddy had changed a bit, made much simpler than the original. Heather was on a mission. To save the brides of the world from having a horrible bathroom bridal experience, one Bridal Buddy at a time.


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