What This Mom Posted About Her Ex-Husband Shows The Bright Side Of Divorce

Marriage separation can be a pretty hard thing. A child-free marriage is simpler to deal with in the relationship splitting process, but when there’s offspring, things can be tough.

Now when it comes to those who end up getting divorced, there are many different types of people. Of course, there are those who are vindictive, spiteful, greedy, and for lack of a better word, insane.

Then there are some who handle the situation gracefully with full respect of the other person even though they’ve reached the conclusion they no longer want to live together.

That’s what this couple did when they separated, and Jessica Singleton posted about it. She cherishes her husband and his important role in life greatly even though things did not work out in their marriage.

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There were a ton of people who shared the same support and stories about their similar circumstances


Another FB user summarized and concluded this situation well:


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What An Uplifting Story About Real Life.