Mom’s Post Went Viral After Her Son Took A Bullet Casing To School And Got Suspended

Kristy Jackson is pretty angry due to an incident involving her son, Hunter, taking a .22 bullet casing to school that she says was from his grandfather.


4-year-old Hunter is going to be given a 7-day suspension for taking the empty casing to his pre-school. However; now there is more bad news coming…

Based on the Mother’s Facebook post, she said that if his “enthusiasm” for firearms persisted, he could face complete expulsion.

The Mom stated that Hunter must’ve gotten the bullet casing from his grandfather, who is a police officer.



There were a bunch of people who supported Kristy and her son.




Kristy chimed back in to share her side again, and express thanks for the people who agreed with her.



Then Kristy wrote an introspective post where she pondered the whole circumstance:


Some good points are raised, although the educators will likely come out with a statement soon which summarizes their side.  What do you think?

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