After Bullies Call His Daughter A Racist Word, This Dad Takes Matters In His Own Hands

A valiant dad who had been dealing with racially-charged mistreatment and slurs directed at his daughter had to take matters into his own hands to stop it.

Minnesotan Bradley Knudson captured Snapchat communications that were persistently texted to his adopted African-American daughter which referred to her as a “n*****”, and other derogatory terms. The father then posted these messages and communications to Youtube.

The Dad, whose predominately caucasian household adopted the 14-year-old Dee Dee at the age of 3, also distributed a voicemail that was from the bullies’ father calling KnudsonĀ a “n***** lover”.

racist bullies

After getting an apology as a result of posting the video that has gotten more than 2 million views up to this point, Knudson learned that his own daughter had been saying the vulgar words herself.

In a clip captured on the daughter’s smartphone, and also before the news staff of a local station, Dee Dee enthusiastically yelled to the viewers, “Let’s go n*****. Let’s go!”.

racist bullies

As Knudson figured this out, he said, “I am very, very disappointed that my daughter at first did not learn from this experience,’ according to WCCO.

Knudson elaborated in a statement posted on the internet, “Regardless of your skin color I and my wife do not tolerate this word our daughter is going to be reprimanded in an appropriate manner.”

The daughter said she was sorry later on, explaining, “I was excited and not paying attention to what I was saying but I did use it in a different meaning.”

racist bullies

The father of the kids who had sent the offensive messages to begin with, found himself out of employment shortly after Knudson posted the video online with his offensive voicemail message. The father, a one Deron Puro has offered his apology and regret for saying such words.

Puro initially shared with Knudson that he didn’t see any issue in his kids saying offensive racially-charged words because they were constantly used around their household and the father himself would use them all the time.

racist bullies

As indicated by Dee Dee’s father, she began getting an onslaught of unpleasant posts through SnapChat. Snapchat employs the use of auto-deletion of messages in its mobile app so it’s tough to catch or prove certain things being said and done on it.

Soon after 3 posts were sent that contained the offensive racial slurs, Knudson was ready to capture the next one, and hence saved it to warn the Puros, who had been stubborn about dealing with the problem before that.

After that capture and public shaming, they quickly changed their tune and the Puros publicly announced their admittance that what was done was inappropriate and stating that the father, a recuperating substance-abuser, was often inebriated.

The statement declared:

“The Puro family is not racist, nor do we use the n-word lightly in our household. What happened was very unfortunate for both families, and we hope each family can heal and move on from this.

‘…Deron has recently become aware of his actions and is sincerely sorry for how he acted. He understands that what he did was uncalled for and is unforgivable.”

The students’ school is also looking into the event, and could possibly reprimand the kids.