Mom Shaves Daughter’s Head After Bullying A Bald Cancer Patient

Becoming a parent adds a whole hell of a lot more responsibility to your plate, but it also adds just about as much confusion as well. At times it can seem difficult to figure out what all you should and should not do, especially when your kids start getting themselves into trouble. It can be even more challenging when you discover that, despite what you’ve been trying to teach them, they’ve grown into something of a bully.


One mother and father learned their teenage daughter had decided she was better than a young, bald girl with cancer and kept bullying her, so they decided to teach their daughter a proper lesson. Instead of a simple apology (that we know kids will use just to get out of trouble), they decided her lesson needed to be much more severe than that, so the mother started trimming off all the hair on her head!

What’s shocking is that this video is seen by some as over-the-top and borderline child abuse while others are stating that’s how parenting should be done and the arguments from both sides aren’t necessarily unreasonable. Should the girl doing the bullying learn what it’s like to live in the life of her victims? It wouldn’t be a terrible lesson to learn after all, but they could have been a little gentler about it.


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