Mom Doesn’t Get Calls Home After Her Son Starts College, So She Posts This Video In Response…

Witnessing your kids go through their elementary, middle, and high school years it tough enough. Then when the college years come around for them to leave the nest, that can be extremely hard for parents. As you get to see your children pretty much every day for an entire 18 years, it’s a challenging transition to let them go and become people of their own.

There is no shortage of sympathy for such a time whenever a parent is facing the college separation with their child. It’s very understandable to still want to keep in touch with them constantly, at least at first, to see if they are okay and everything is going well.

A mother in this story, Mrs. Ann McCarney was a parent who was facing this tough time in her life with her son Liam going off to school.

Ann waited for phone calls from Liam for the first few weeks of college and didn’t receive them. She got a bit frustrated that her son hadn’t been communicating with her. Then to vent about this topic, she posted on FB and it went viral due to its relatable nature.

The Mom says:

“I haven’t heard from you in a while, and I thought maybe you forgot about me.”

She reminds her son that he can use his phone, and talks about how she played the role of carting her son around and making him food.

In closing she remarks:

“So now I know I’m going to hear from you, especially before your mother and father have to pay the next installment for your tuition in November.”

That should get Liam’s attention! C’mon Liam, call home to Mom, it’s the least you can do.

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