Cheating Spouse Caught Red-Handed On Camera By Mother-In-Law

A man’s parents caught their daughter-in-law with another man inside the home, hiding underneath the couple’s bed.

In the video, the in-laws are ambushing the woman known as Mayra while she was in the house with the unidentified man. The mother and several other of the husband’s family members showed up unexpectedly at the house and demanded they come inside.

She can be heard protesting, asking them why they want to visit now of all times.

With no other alternative, she allowed her mother-in-law entrance into the apartment, who became searching feverishly for the alleged lover.

The mother-in-law began to demand that the wife produce her lover, as she continued to search the apartment. In the bedroom, she pushed the bed aside and found him hiding under it. Upon the discovery, she yelled at him to get out.

After he scooted out from underneath the spot he had taken refuse, he starts to get hit by the mother-in-law. All he could do is shield his face from all the slaps he was receiving. Mayra was fighting with her sis-in-law who had also started searching for the man.

With the husband’s family getting the upper hand on both cheaters, they began pushing them out the door, with the mother-in-law saying the marriage between her son and Mayra is over… for good.

The mother-in-law said that her son didn’t deserve this and that Mayra should go with the man.

The incident, where the video was recorded, was in Columbia – an area considered to be the most unfaithful for Latin America. That’s according to a 2010 survey conducted by Columbia Reports. Over two-thirds polled said they’ve cheated on their partner at minimum once. 63% of all Latin Americans have admitted doing the same thing, but it was Columbia that appeared to be the highest.

88% of Columbians also say that they are the most attractive and sexiest of all Latin American countries. 70% of Columbian men said they do cheat on their spouse while 59% of women admitted to it.

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