College Kids Mistakenly Text Their Parents And Steve Harvey Shows The Hilarious Responses

Everyday living is in no way simple when you’re a Mom or Dad. There is usually constant worry, regardless your children’s’ age. It rarely ever seems as though the stress levels go down. When it’s time for college, that sure doesn’t change! Your kids will call and send text messages at any and all times of the day and night, and you are the dependable parent that takes the call and helps them. You’re always there for them.

A few Moms and Dads made a decision to lower some of that everyday parental stress by putting some comedy when texting with their kids. Steve Harvey showcased a couple amusing text chats on his program, and I have to be honest, some of these split my sides.

These are genuine discussions among moms and dads and their children in college. The parents really pulled together their resourcefulness with many of these text messages, and their youngsters are completely in trouble.

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