After 7 Years In A Coma, This Mother Wakes Up And Sees Her Daughter For The First Time

A woman from the region of Vojvodina, Serbia recently woke up from a coma after falling into unconsciousness after giving birth. People wake up from comas, but this time was special for Danijela Kovacevic. The Mother had woken up and seen her 7-year-old child for the first time.

coma wakes up

In 2009, Kovacevic delivered Marija, her little girl. But, in the course of having birth, the Mother went out of consciousness after getting the blood complication Sepsis.

Kovacevic had spent a whole seven years locked in the grips of the coma, turning out to be among tcoma patients who had stayed alive the longest in the country of Serbia. As she abruptly regained consciousness from the comatose state, needless to say, everyone including the doctors were a bit stunned.

Considering Kovacevic just became conscious after being vegetative for so long, her daughter continues to devote all the free time she can to seeing her newly awakened Mommy.

“After school, Marija is close to her mama every day. She comforts her, makes her laugh and does not give up the hope that she will touch her and embrace her,” someone close to the Kovacevic family informed the Daily Mail.

Kovacevic’s condition and state is gradually improving. The mother has been reacting to therapy and care, The Sun reports. The medical experts state the mother is currently capable of bringing herself upright, able to grip writing objects and booklets, and also observe and understand people talking.

The mother’s therapy includes speech counseling and physical therapy which boost parts of her brain that haven’t been exercised in awhile. Kovacevic was accepted for multiple months at her recovery center by a Serbian insurance recovery program, but her loved ones need additional money to cover more time at the facility.

Kovacevic’s father explained, “The recovery of three months is really short…A man who breaks an arm needs more than three months of recovery, imagine how much time my daughter needs.”

coma wakes up

The family is claiming that they require close to 50 thousand Euros to fully treat the newly awakened Mother.

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