Police Officer Feeds Starved Homeless Man. After 6 Months, He Hears This On His Voicemail

One fateful day, Deputy Matt Holman of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office shined his spotlight on a homeless man walking down the road. The man was Robert Morris, and Officer Holman soon learned he’d been dealt a rough hand. Together, the two walked to the nearby church and struck up a conversation. Robert said his tent in the woods washed away in the flood. He lost his family and got addicted to drugs and alcohol, which ruined his relationships with his existing brother and sister.

Inspired by this man’s story, the officer began rummaging through his trunk to find the extra Bible he kept in his car. He couldn’t find it, so instead he did something incredible. Officer Holman gave Robert his very own personal Bible which contained his scribbled notes and highlighted scriptures from over the years. As attached to this Bible as he was, Officer Holman knew that giving it to Robert was the right thing to do. Officer Holman then realized that Robert was hungry. He offered to get Robert some food, then refused to accept the few crumpled up dollars that Robert offered him. “Go sit on the steps and I’ll be right back,” the officer said. He returned with a plate of hot food, which Robert gladly accepted.

Six months later, Officer Holman received a voicemail. It was from Robert, and what he said left him speechless. In the video below, you’ll hear Robert’s actual 911 recording, in which he details the heartwarming story. On March 18, 2015, Robert passed away unexpectedly — but because of one kindhearted officer, he had become a changed man.



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