Woman Endures Cruel Treatment From Midwife During Son’s Birth

Having a baby can be a frightening yet exciting process… even to people who’ve done it before. However, for one woman, it was not only scary but traumatizing.

Tracey was in the process of birthing her third child when her midwife acted in such an unprofessional manner that she chose to leave the hospital six hours after she had given birth. Midwives, theoretically, are there to help women through childbirth – to keep a woman calm and comfortable. However, Tracey was anything but calm and comfortable when her midwife’s behavior turned hateful.


According to Tracey, the first signs of unpleasant behavior occurred while she was in the shower with a gas machine to relieve some of her pain. Since she had no epidural, the gas machine was her source of pain relief. Tracey said the midwife removed the gas machine from her.

In the bed, Tracey would moan through the contractions – her own pain relief – because she was no longer using the gas.

When Tracey felt something was off and needed to push, she said her midwife ignored her concerns. She said she was laying in the bed and felt like she needed to push. Tracey said her midwife looked down and told her not to push.  She said the pain was unbearable – unlike her other children.


Tracey knew something wasn’t right and told her as much. She begged the woman to check her cervix, but the only thing the midwife did was tell her nothing was wrong and that Tracey didn’t have to push. Through the pushes, she begged the woman to check her cervix, but she didn’t.

When another midwife walked in, Tracey pleaded with her to check the cervix. This midwife did and discovered Tracey’s discomfort was real. Her cervix had lapped over her child’s head, and he wasn’t able to come out.

Tracey said her son was coming but unable to move anymore because of the lap. Once that lap was moved, she started to pushing and grunting again to deal with the pain.


Although women often make noises when they give birth, the first midwife apparently didn’t like it. She walked over to Tracey in an aggressive manner and said she was being too noisy and would scare other people. Tracey said she also slapped her on the leg, which left a clear-hand print on her leg.

It was not an encouraging slap, she said.

Tracey’s partner was about to come unglued on the woman, but Tracey stopped him, saying no. She decided to make all the noise she wanted to.

Although her baby had just been born, Tracey felt uncomfortable in the hospital and decided to leave just six hours later.


The second midwife was very kind to Tracey and even reported her colleague for the behavior. She encouraged Tracey to file a report as well. She was also very kind to Tracey in subsequent appointments.

Tracey had called the woman for an apology for her behavior, but she refused to give it. Tracey later learned she was only given a warning. The hospital took no other action.

Tracey is currently pregnant with her fourth child and has already decided to give birth at another hospital.

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