When Dad Sends A Text Asking To Reschedule The Family Photo Shoot, The Wife Figures Out Why Pretty Fast

A charming couple in Alabama, Rayena and Bobby Wesson are a typical great husband and wife.  They are in love and have a crazy stressful and busy life.  Rayena is a nurse and was away working her shift one night.  That’s when the whole story started…

Over April Fools day, Bobby involved himself in a prank that really made his wife start to lose it.  While he was watching their child Deacon, he texted Rayena asking if they could reschedule family photos.  Rayena said “No.”

But what ended up happening between Bobby and Deacon made it clear pretty quickly that they definitely had to reschedule the photo shoot!



She can hardly believe her eyes, and promptly asks Bobby to answer the phone, in all caps.


The good husband has a plan…