10 Most Dangerous Streets In The US, According To The FBI

People are generally familiar with the most beautiful and safest parts of America, and sometimes, the worst parts. Always keep in mind – everything has two sides.

There’s an official list of the neighborhoods that are more insecure than other parts because of the increased crime and violence.

This list has been compiled by the FBI aka Federal Bureau of Investigation. What pops up as interesting is the fact that some of these neighborhoods are parts of the cities that are more or less peaceful.

Here’s the list.

Note: Pray before you approach these areas.

Detroit, Michigan — W. Warren Ave / Mckinley St


The possibility of being the target of a violent crime in this area is 1 in 13. The picture speaks volumes itself.

Tulsa, OK — E Mowawk Blvd / N Cincinnati Ave


Surprisingly enough, this area is also on the list. It has 7,886 cases of different crimes and violence per about 100,000 citizens.

East St. Louis, IL — City Center


This place is in Illinois. Almost every day, at least one gunfire is reported. Also, 80 of the 1,000 citizens are part of a crime or some kind of a violence.

Baltimore, MD — Druid Hill Ave / Laurens St.


Baltimore – again!

The main problem here turns out to be – poverty. It’s a starting point for most of the problems. This place has less money than 95.5% of the Maryland neighborhoods.

Memphis, TN — E. Eh Crump Blvd / S 4th St


This is definitely one of the worst hoods in America. Because of the low rents, the place has become a sanctuary for junkies and beggars.

Camden, NJ — Ferry Ave / S 8th St


If you ever find here, there’s 1 in 11 chance against you of being in a big trouble. The picture explains everything.

Memphis, TN — E Mclemore Ave / Latham St


And, yes, we’re in Memphis again.

You can find cheap homes in this area. For this reason, this place attracts the poor from other places. There’s no economy, almost at all. That’s why Memphis has been suitable ground for crime.

Pittsburgh, PA — Chicago St / Mount Pleasant Rd


This place has no economy, no industry. That’s why 1 in 3 houses is deserted. This is the neighborhood of poverty and crime.

Houston, TX — Scott St / Wilmington St


Houston, Texas has a bad reputation for not only guns but also a high rate criminal.

Baltimore, MD — W Mulberry St / N Fremont Ave


This area has loads of problems and little chances for improvement. There’re 9,379 reported crimes per 100,000 citizens.

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