They Went On One Short Date And When He Didn’t Quickly Respond, She Lost It…

Some things go great on online dating platforms.  You may meet the mate of your dreams, get married, buy a house with a white picket fence and have a few youngsters.  A lot don’t end up working out, though, and that’s usually just an accepted part of the game.  Not for this lady…

The guy gives a bit of a backstory on what took place:


The lad began on calmly explaining his thoughts.  Seems rational enough, albeit maybe a bit sad.


That clearly was not acceptable to the woman in any way shape or form, and she let him know right away with her response.


She continued and went after his profession.


And then she went after his shirt and his windbreaker.


She said she couldn’t be happy with a workaholic and a partner who isn’t quite all that can be in sheets.  I’m not sure how exactly she came to that conclusion since it seems like they didn’t get to that stage.



Whoa… Value propositions? On one date? I guess some people take this stuff more seriously.


She wasn’t done.  She just kept going and bashing many aspects about the guy.


Now that’s what I call “dodging a bullet”.

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