School Boy Dies After Getting Punched In The Head For Saying “You’ll Work For Me One Day”

Sebastian Trabucatti recently struck an 18-year-old school boy named Archie Lloyd to death in a Greek club. Lloyd went with a friend, Andy Hutchinson to celebrate the end of their A-levels. Trabucatti was working as a promoter in the club.

Eyewitnesses claimed that Lloyd and his friend didn’t have the intention to cause trouble, and it was Trabucatti who attacked the boy. After he had hit him, Lloyd fell and later on died from just one but very serious punch.

Trabucatti is on bail, charged with unlawful killing and manslaughter.

Lloyd’s friend Hutchinson said:

“The man pushed me. I lost my balance and swayed. I wasn’t aware of Archie doing or saying anything. All this was over in 10 seconds. They started to leave and I thought that was the end of it. Archie then shouted ‘one day you’ll work for me. In a split second, I saw one of the women raise her hands and point to Archie, she said: ‘You deserved that. Archie was on the pavement with his prone body partly laid on the road. The man and the two women rode off.”

Coroner Grahame Short, a Winchester’s Coroner who recorded the final verdict, said:

“Based on the evidence, I am sure that Mr Lloyd was struck in the face and I find it proven beyond all reasonable doubt that this was a deliberate and intentional act. I don’t find there was any intention to cause death. But it was the inadvertent consequences that Mr Lloyd was knocked backwards and struck the back of his head, and death resulted. In English law, that results in involuntary manslaughter. It follows that I conclude that this was a death due to unlawful killing.”

Trabucatti denied being guilty and in his statement to police in Greek he said that Lloyd attacked him “with his fists raised”.

He explained:

“I’m sorry about what happened to the young man but do not consider myself responsible for his death.”

Probably the best conclusion to this story is what the family of Archie Lloyd said:

“Archie was ready to take on the world, realizing his dreams to study at university and travel when he tragically died. He had his whole life ahead of him when, on a harmless night out, everything went tragically wrong and so many lives have been shattered as a result.”


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