A Disabled Wife Is Being Fed At IHOP, Then One Of The Servers Takes The Silverware…

A long time husband and wife regularly visit the Springfield, Illinois IHOP.  The husband eats his regular choice meal of pancakes, eggs, and sausages, but it’s always after his wife eats.  The reason for doing that is because unfortunately, the wife suffers from Huntington’s disease.  Huntington’s disease is a disorder that affects the brain that basically inhibits the nerves from communicating properly, and they degenerate over time.

Due to this awful problem, the wife can’t eat her food by herself. That’s why the husband helps out and always feeds her first.

That’s when a story of a really interesting happening took place at the IHOP.  One of the IHOP servers, dressed in typical red, came and sat next to the wife while the husband was feeding her.  He instructed the husband’s hand away with a shooing motion, and then the server began to feed her.  Joe Thomas, the 43-year-old server didn’t ask to help, he simply sat down and began feeding her.

The server said:

“Sit down, eat your food…I got her.”

This was so very nice because now the husband could eat his meal without it getting cold.  And what is even better is that it turned into a regular thing when Joe is there.  Joe will feed the woman while the husband eats his meal together with his wife.  What really got Joe is that he wasn’t aware that another IHOP patron had taken a photo of the event.

Then the IHOP customer took it to FB and it started going viral.  Joe is getting the recognition he deserves!


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