10 Incredible DIY Swimming Pool Plans

These 10 DIY ideas will not only save your money but also help you create a unique backyard oasis.  Check out all the links on how to make them in the pool’s descriptions.

Pallet Platform Swimming Pool

Pallets are suitable for constructing almost anything, including a backyard pool. In this case, pallets are used for a deck with a round pool in the middle. Learn how to make it here.


Dumpster Pool

A dumpster pool? Actually, it is possible and here you can get the tutorial for your amazing backyard pool made of a dumpster.


Deep Pallet Wood Pool

You can use pallets as well as a common plastic layer in order to make this fantastic pool that is actually above ground. Learn how to do it here.


Shipping Container Design

Quite an original idea that will also save your money since it’s not expensive. You just have to take all the needed precautions to stop the rust. Take a look at the tutorial here.


Natural Pool

In order to create a natural look of your pool, you can use clay, various aquatic plants, gravel stone, whatever you connect with the word – natural. Get the tutorial for this charming pool here.


Galvanized Tank Pool

A galvanized tank pool seems as a much better idea than a simple plastic pool. Learn how to create it here.


Wooden Base Pool

If you want a rustic looking pool, this may be a great idea. Learn how to create it here.


Concrete Swimming Pool

Instead of paying $30,000 to a professional to make a pool for you, you should think twice. With a lot of sweat and effort, you can do it yourself for only $7,000. Get the instructions here.


Above Ground In-Ground Pool

If you want to recreate your above ground into an old-new in-ground swimming pool, just follow the instructions here.


Hay Bale Swimming Pool


Need to escape a heat wave? Throw some plastic over hay bales and properly secure it to create a pool. Learn how to make it here.

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