This Artist Turns Kids Drawings Into These Beautiful Pieces Of Jewelry And It’s Awesome…

Children’s art has long been championed by many as being the purest and unpretentious creations possible.

Kid’s create for the joy of simply creating, and they don’t have the ego most adults do, so they don’t over-think, judge, or try to mold their creation into something that will please others. They simply create for the joy of pleasing oneself without the usual artistic hangups most artists have. The results are very raw, pure forms of artistic expression that seasoned artists could never create in such spontaneous fashion!

Now there is a way to take these masterpieces off of the refrigerator, and have them made into jewelry that will last forever! Tasarim Takarim uses Etsy to offer these services, and the results are really amazing. Prices are from 112 Euros to 188 Euros, and setting everything up is easy. You just select the image of the piece you want to be created and email it the designers.



Yasemin Erdin Tavukçu works with children and art and is a painter. Her partner is Özgür Karavit who helps kids with sculpture and is a sculptor as well. They both work out of a studio in Istanbul and ship out works internationally. They ask what kind of jewelry one prefers. Most go for necklaces and pendants.

These turn out really well, and truly unique. Raw, original and pure artistic jewelry that only children can design!

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