Driver Hits 4-Year-Old, Exits The Car And Faces An Unfortunate End

A driver in Ohio was killed after hitting a 4-year-old boy in a residential neighborhood.

According to police, Jamie Urton, 44, hit the four-year-old who walked into the street of the Walnut Hills neighborhood in Cincinnati. Jamal Killings, the boy’s father, said doctors released his son from the hospital the next day after suffering a brain bleed.

Killings said the car came up from the bottom of his street, doing around 45mph. He said he motioned for the vehicle to stop but instead, the vehicle slowed, swerved around him and hit his son. He said his child was actually on the curb, not in the street.

It was then that a fight between witnesses and Urton occurred and when Urton was shot.


Killings said he had no idea that the driver was shot, as he was focused on getting his on medical attention.

It was then police said witnesses rushed the vehicle and began assaulting Urton and his passenger. They’re not sure if the onlookers dragged them out of the vehicle or began attacking them after they got out of the vehicle. Urton’s passenger suffered only minor injuries. Urton was shot several times, dying later at the hospital.

Neighbors said gunfire and shootings have become a routine thing in the neighborhood. Supreme Davis, a college freshman, has begged her community to stop. She said Walnut Hills is a community for everyone.

Police have made no arrests, and officials are unsure if the shooting is the result of the child being struck or for something else.

Killings apologized to the Urton family, saying he doesn’t condone violence and that their loss should never have happened. He also said he hopes everybody can learn from this unfortunate, and tragic incident.