Neighbor Cuts Off Elderly Man’s Driveway With Cinder Blocks In Land Dispute

When a 79-year-old Florida man came back home, he was surprised to see a line of cinder blocks had been cemented down mid-way his driveway. The person behind the wall’s erection? His neighbor who claims half that driveway is his property.

Oliver Lynch said he hates being bullied and that the new neighbor set up his home on a vacant property next to him and is the one responsible for the wall that took up half his driveway. Lynch has been in his home for 25 years.

Lynch said he’s got some fight left in him, and he won’t be “bulldozed.” He said he had no previous knowledge about the wall being constructed onto the driveway.

According to records, the property is allowed to have two 12-foot driveways side-by-side. A spokesman for Osceola County said the reluctant new neighbor should hire a surveyor and take the matter to court.

Lynch said it’s ridiculous that he needs to take legal action to take back his driveway – something he’s had for years. Lynch wonders what his neighbor will do with a few extra feet.

The neighbor was unavailable at the time of his publishing. However, according to Lynch, the man refuses to back off the land dispute and won’t remove the border. Lynch said his neighbor is possibly a minister and isn’t acting very God-like or Christian-like.

Watch the video to see what transpired between the two men: