The Complicated Situation About Being An Extroverted Introvert

extroverted introvert

Your life is a big puzzle. People are confused by your behavior, and you might be too. Social interaction often makes you feel either too excited or too bored. You feel the same about parties. You’re two in one – emotionally resilient and highly sensitive. Outgoing, but don’t go out that often. You like to draw attention. Sometimes you just say your thoughts without hesitating, sometimes you think twice. You’re a walking riddle.

You like mental challenges and stimulating your brain. You feel negative about first dates. “Please anything but small talk” is all you can think about. You hate it. You need something more profound to stimulate your mind. Sometimes, you just can’t stand phone calls. They almost damage you. It’s too distracting. That’s why you can’t even talk to your best friends. It takes your attention away from many important things.

You find friendships exhausting. On the other hand, there’s always one or even more friends around you that make you feel happy. You’re making new friendships easily. The trouble is when you meet new people, it takes time for you to feel comfortable and at your own with other people.

But, when you feel downhearted, you need at least three shoulders for crying. This can be really stressful for you. On one hand, you desperately need friends in some situations, while on the other hand, solitude really suits you. Sometimes, finding an optimal balance, a golden ratio is quite a challenge. For this reason, it seems you’re losing control over your life and emotions. You are anxious about things to be just perfect. Uncertainty makes you vulnerable.

You’re floating between your eagerness for company and urge for solitude. The final choice is up to your will.

There are times when you think you’re made to be all upside down. Coffee makes you feel sleepy. You loathe traditional values. You see what other people don’t. You don’t just follow the rules because it’s the right thing to do. Maybe you analyze things too much but that’s what makes you stand out from the crowd.

Your outstanding and controversial personality makes you unique. You’re both outgoing and reserved. All this makes you one of a kind, one in a million.

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