Farmer Blasts Drone Out Of The Sky As It Flies Over His Land

Remember when someone could say “drone on and on” and everyone thought of a boring person who wouldn’t stop talking? Not anymore.

Say “drone” in any social setting now, and you’ll hear from both sides of the debate on whether the flying, computerized genre of a drone is a godsend, or the devil himself.

On the plus side, drones can handle situations where humans might be in danger, deliver goods, and take photos from on high. But all of those same attributes are also a drone’s downfall to its antagonists, who say the still somewhat unregulated contraptions pose a danger to everything from airplane flights to personal privacy.

Actually, it’s that latter trait – a drone’s ability to go almost anywhere and take pictures of almost anything – that has ignited some of the most heated controversies when it comes to the commercial varieties. And as one British gentleman who appears to live on one of those magnificent English estates that belong to barons and earls recently demonstrated, drones are unwelcome on private property in most cases.

The incident was caught, ironically, on the drone’s own camera. As what appears to be a rather large drone, operated by an unknown remote pilot, moves in on the pastoral grounds, we see a strapping young man, rifle in hand, watching it closely. Then without hesitation, he cocks his rifle and shoots the drone from the sky in one shot.

As the apparatus’s camera continued to operate even as it fell to earth, we get a true “drone’s eye view” of what went down, literally.

For those who hate drones, this viral video is a victorious moment, capturing the “death” of the invasive machine for all time. For those who love them, as the landed gentleman was clearly visible on the camera, presumably, if the drone owner wanted to, he could press charges for “murder of an inanimate object.”

Of course, the law is still murkier than a Florida swamp on these things, and we have been unable to ascertain who owned either the drone, the estate, or what fate ultimately befell either of these parties. Perhaps drone owners simply noted this as “protected airspace,” and made a note not to put their pricey gizmos over this lord’s turf.

Whatever happened, we know the guy who shot down the drone doesn’t need to worry about any break-ins with those shooting skills. All that grouse hunting and clay pigeon shooting definitely paid off for this good-looking guy, and we have a feeling he’ll have an agent and an acting career before too long.


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