Father’s Pictures Of His Daughter Might Give You A Panic Attack

Is there a right or wrong way to parenting? It’s hard to be definitively sure, as each person has their own way in which they approach life.  Thus, people will have their own opinions of what’s right and what’s wrong in child-rearing.

One thing parents do agree on though – to ensure a child is protected at all times and never put into harm’s way.

It’s for that reason, pictures from a dad posing his child in various dangerous situations has caused such an uproar. However, there’s a catch behind those images.  As the story goes…

Dublin-based designer Stephen Crowley is father to 18-month old Hannah. He began posting tons of pictures on Imgur of his child in dangerous situations.


Some of the pictures he posted included her steering the vehicle while they traveled down a highway or one where she is sitting on a railing that overlooks a river.  No doubt his risky picture taking caused millions of people around the world to have a panic attack.


While anyone – parents and nonparents alike – would be nervous about these pictures, there was a twist nobody knew about those pictures.  Crowley actually photoshopped his child in those dangerous situations to prank his family and friends.  And, the Internet could breathe a sigh of relief once again.


However, his reasoning for doing so is heartbreaking.


Crowley’s daughter has a rare immune disorder called hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH, for short). She has already had chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. She spent six months in the hospital, which is when Crowley came up with the photo series.


He said the family missed out on the normal stuff, and now take pictures because they can actually do normal things. Crowley’s intent was to provide humor with the pictures but also benefit the “Be the Match” campaign. This organization finds bone marrow donors from various parts of the world.


Since her release from the hospital, the little girl’s health has improved. Crowley said she’s always smiling, with a wonderful sense of humor despite what she’s had to endure in her young life.


Source: BoredomTherapy