Teacher Leaves Her FB Messenger On At School And Is Arrested After They See It…

Police recently responded to a call at Holmes Park Elementary after a teacher noticed the Facebook account of Megan Sloan opened on their computer.

Sloan is to have allegedly written somebody about selling and using heroin as well as pawning school property.

During the police investigation, Sloan allegedly confessed to pawning school property such as two iPad tablets to purchase drugs and gas. She also is to have allegedly used field trip funds to pay for these things.

Police searched her purse and found possible heroin and syringes. Investigators tested the substances, which were revealed to be both heroin and meth as well as prescription medication and paraphernalia used to store narcotics.

Rob Armstrong, the superintendent of Sapulpa Public Schools, said the school district was working alongside the police department investigating the allegations against Sloan. Armstrong said the district had spoken to a multitude of individuals in the past week and felt it was time to send a brief message about the matter to the community.

He said state statutes forbid a public body from talking about or releasing internal investigations about personnel including matters of discipline, demotion or resignations. He said the school board is concerned about the district’s children and their safety. Armstrong said the school district would look at its current policies and procedures to determine the best practices are carried out.

Armstrong said anybody who has concerns should talk with district administrators to address the issue.

Sloan faces a slew of charges:

· Embezzlement

· Possession or use of drug paraphernalia

· Three counts of purchasing or possessing controlled substances within 1,000 feet of a public institution

Emails attained by FOX23 News show that administrators may have already had information about Sloan’s alleged drug use in 2015. Emails from a concerned citizen were sent the school’s principal, asking that the alleged drug use be investigated. Armstrong, who recently became the superintendent, followed up with another email saying the district would look into the matter.

However, Sloan remained employed at Holmes Park Elementary School.

She is currently sitting in the Creek County Jail.

Holmes Park Elementary School is located in Oklahoma.