Man Charged With Felony Over What He Said To Waitress

A Missouri man has been arrested faces numerous hate crime charges for allegedly using a slew of racial slurs at an African-American waitress.

The man, identified as 65-year-old Tommy Dean Gaa, was also charged with felony assault.

Gaa visited a Maryville, Missouri restaurant where an African-American employee waited on him. The report states the waitress asked Gaa, who was ordering breakfast if he wanted wheat or white toast. Gaa replied, he was prejudiced and wanted white bread.

Gaa is alleged to have approached her, grabbing her arm that led to bruises to appear on it. He allegedly asked her if she likes partying and then said a racist comment at her. He allegedly told her that he could take her to the place where he hung her grandpa. The report states that Gaa also said there were good and bad people in every race. He also used the African-American derogatory term.

Prosecuting Attorney Robert Rice said Gaa was charged with felony assault that was motivated by discrimination. He said the racist remarks were already bad but grabbing the waitress’ arm crossed a line.

Gaa was taken to the Nodaway County Jail and posted a $4,900 bond.

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