Bodybuilder Takes On Female Black Belt And It Doesn’t End Well for Him

With all the forms of martial arts, there’s some argument as to which packs the greatest wallop. A recently posted video of a jiu-jitsu class graphically demonstrates how brutal this fighting art form is, even when stacked against a super-fit body builder.

Watching this video, we weren’t quite sure why the bodybuilder in question, Rambo Cuztha Gunz, would be such a glutton for punishment. If you’re not familiar with this gentleman (we weren’t), you can find all kinds of YouTube videos showing him both working out and facing off against various jiu-jitsu experts.

But one that shows him being taken down by a fairly petite woman is striking, in that it shows that with the right skills, brawn cannot beat strategic choke holds.

In the video we watched, he first takes on a male jiu-jitsu master, and we’re not sure why, because the latter gentleman clearly has far superior defense skills than Rambo. This was no exhibition match either: the fighting, we will warn you, is graphic, to say the least, with Rambo being slapped hard numerous times while he’s held in a total lock by his opponent.

After he’s knocked to “sleep” – the term these fighters apparently use for knocking their opponents unconscious – Gunz, apparently, a glutton for punishment is presented a female jiu-jitsu expert and mocks her derisively. Big mistake, Rambo: big, big mistake.

This woman makes mincemeat of the ripped bodybuilder, who must outweigh her by at least 60 pounds. She leaves him so thrashed that we see him spitting up blood and asking someone to call 911 (seemingly to deaf ears) as the video clip wraps up.

This scenario certainly left us with a deep respect for the art of jiu-jitsu and its experienced proponents. As for Rambo Gunz, he might want to pick on people his own size, because it seems that he cannot beat the odds with much slighter men and women who can throw him down to the mat and, if they so chose, actually kill him. As it was, it sure looked like they came pretty close.


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