Woman Destroys A $650k Ferrari Seconds After Driving Out Of Dealership

This is the horrifying moment a driver writes off a priceless Ferrari just minutes after picking it up from a rental dealership.

The clip, filmed in the city of Wenling, China, shows the female driver spin out in the £500,000 Ferrari 458 after losing traction in slippery conditions.

Shocking footage shows the woman slamming into the side of a BMW and causing a pileup after careering through the central reservation of a busy city center highway.

Moments before the crash a clip believed to have been filmed by the woman herself from the driver’s seat allegedly shows her bragging about the rental car.

In the short clip thought to have been filmed by the woman while she was waiting at the lights, she points the camera at the Ferrari’s dashboard and says: ‘First time driving a Ferrari. This truly is the most amazing feeling.’

ferrari bmw car crash

Footage shows the woman lose traction on the slippery road and smash through the central reservation

ferrari bmw car crash

She slams into the side of an oncoming BMW 4×4 causing an enormous amount of damage to the car

ferrari bmw car crash

Photos taken in the aftermath of the incident show the extent of the damage to both the Ferrari and the BMW

Traffic cameras on the busy city-center road show the woman suddenly swerving out of control and slamming head-on into a metal traffic barrier and a BMW X3, which also collides with the unsuspecting driver of a black Nissan saloon car.

In spite of what appeared to be a low-speed crash, footage taken by witnesses in the aftermath of the accident showed the front end of the Ferrari 458 completely destroyed and its airbags deployed.

She and her female passengers were not seriously injured.

The vehicle is reported to have been purchased by the rental dealership for the astronomical import price of nearly £500,000, while the cost to mend the damaged Italian sports car has been estimated at half that amount.

It is unclear if the woman was insured and whether it would cover the damage.

Social media users have suggested the woman may have turned off the car’s traction control before the crash, which would explain how the vehicle suddenly spun out of control.

Netizen ‘Lutaichang 921’ wrote: ‘See, Ferraris have terrible build quality – that’s why I haven’t bought one’ followed by an emoji of a winking face.

ferrari bmw car crash

The female driver (right) and her passenger (left) were unharmed in the crash in Wenling, China

ferrari bmw car crash

Policemen were forced to cordon off large parts of the city center because of the extensive damage

ferrari bmw car crash

Passersby took photos of the wreckage in the aftermath as traffic crawled by the scene of the accident

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