40 People Throw Chairs And Fight Each Other In Bronx Seafood Restaraunt

Close to 40 individuals were witnessed hurling chairs and fighting for several minutes, seen by footage taken of the mayhem at the Seafood City restaurant in the Bronx.  Authorities had been contacted about the event, but when they showed up the suspects mixed up in brawl had already fled. There wasn’t a report filed to the police.

The Seafood restaurant’s owners weren’t certain was made the fight begin, but a lot of the individuals had been consuming alcohol.  This was apparently thought a major factor as a neighborhood board representative is now asking for New York state to cancel Seafood City’s license to serve alcohol.  The individual on the community board, Majorie Velazquez, stated “I’m urging the state liquor authority to take a good look at how this can happened here, how the lax is the security and how we can remove it. We need to have the liquor license suspended immediately. We can’t have our family take that risk anymore.”


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