14 Food Myths That Scientists Have Proven False

How many times were you told that eating after 6 p.m. was bad for your health? Were you told that you needed at least eight glasses of water every day? These are just some of the well-known food-related myths people are told.

However, Bright Side staff looked into the beliefs of healthy and unhealthy food and learned they have one thing in common: most have no basis in reality.

Wood Cutting Boards Allow Bacteria To Proliferate

Not true! You do need to clean your boards thoroughly, and you don’t even need to use boards with the antibacterial coating on them.

Saltwater Will Boil Quicker

According to chemistry, it really doesn’t matter how much salt is put into a pot of water.

Eggs Are Responsible For Higher Cholesterol Levels

Trans fat and saturated fats are actually the ones responsible for higher cholesterol levels. An egg has no trans fat and only 0.05 percent of saturated fat. They also have antioxidants that improve eyesight.

Aluminum Cookware Causes The Release of Alzheimer’s-Related Toxins

Not true! Kidneys are responsible for aluminum development, which means it can’t cause Alzheimer’s.

Energy Drinks Will Provide Your Body With Energy

It’s the sugar in energy drinks that provide you the short-term energy burst. The caffeine keeps you from getting sleepy. The ingredients themselves do not provide you extra energy – just extra calories and fat.

Fried Foods Lead To Heart Attacks

According to scientists, there is no connection between fried foods and heart disease.

Eat Regularly But In Minute Amounts

Scientists have learned that this kind of diet is not helpful to weight loss.

Taking Vitamin C Offers You Protection From Colds and Flu

There’s been no scientific information to prove this theory.

Coffee Is Dangerous For Your Heart

Actually, scientists have proven this to be false with a 25 percent decrease in risk for heart disease.

Carrots Are Tasty and Healthy When Raw

Cooked carrots are actually healthier when cooked. Processed carrots have had their cell walls damaged.

Taking The Skin Off Chicken Is Healthy

When you bake or fry your chicken, you need to leave the skin on so that it stays juicy.

Carbonated Drinks Are Unhealthy

This is true if the drink is a flavored carbonated drink.

Spices Lead To Stomach Ulcers

Spices will cause painful sensations that people mistake for ulcers.

Alcohol Damages Your Brain Cells

Various studies have proven that heavy drinkers still have the same amount of brain cells as moderate drinkers or non-drinkers.

Source: BrightSide