Crazy Footage Of Massive 30-Foot Waves Slamming Into Cruise Ship

What most people find scary, this passenger views as something normal and usual.


A ship heading to Port Canaveral, Florida, with more than 6,000 people including the crew members and guests, had to simply turn around and go back to New Jersey because of the nasty weather.


Passengers spent the night in their cabins, watching the wild wind and waves raging around the ship.

In this video, one of the passengers is saying:

“We’re just staying in one place, hoping not to die.”


At this moment, the waves finally hit the ship, and his friend screams:

“We’re underwater, under the third floor!”



Luckily, all the people were safe and sound, though four of them got injuries during this terrible storm and ship was pretty damaged.

This was meant to be a nice, cozy cruise to Florida as well as the Bahamas, but that’s not what ended up happening…at all.  Anyway, the guests got full refunds but also discounts on all future cruises. If they ever dare to go after this one…