Person Overreacts And Freaks Out Because Of Illusion In Couple’s Photo…

Who doesn’t enjoy a good photo that makes us look twice?  Well, that’s certainly what happened here.  Actually, it seems pretty clear the person objecting to this man’s photo didn’t look at all…

A user on Reddit, name summerie, posted the following photo:


This couple probably just thought this looked like an innocent vacation photo.  When you look at it with further inspection that is surely what it is. Just two lovebirds on a boat on a lake with the woman’s legs thrown across the man’s lap.

It couldn’t have been construed further from that when just glancing at it though, at least for many people.  Let’s be honest, when you first saw this, what do you think? Perhaps it’s our society being on the internet for this long, or maybe some of us just have wandering minds. I know I saw something different than when I first saw it.

So this image caused quite a bit of fireworks as you can see by the following comment:


This guy clearly didn’t look further than just a quick glance before making quite the negative comment.  That’s Facebook for ya.