Guy Makes The Worst Screw Up In Wheel Of Fortune History

On Wednesday, one Wheel Of Fortune contestant had a pretty rough time after his major screw up in being tested on a mid-20th-century play.  Marlon Brando is likely rolling over in his grave after Kevin, the contestant blows the puzzle on a pretty well-known piece of history.  Then again, maybe the relative just isn’t aware of such things… Clearly, he wasn’t.  Inside edition reported that Kevin said,  “Needless to say, I have learned a great deal from this experience.”

Although Kevin wasn’t able to solve this big time puzzle, he still was able to go home with a thousand dollars in winnings.  Kevin seemed to come to grips with his loss and looked on the bright side; “I am happy I brought so many smiles to you all, and so I will smile with you and look back on this moment and join you in the laughs. That my friends is the naked truth.”


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