Girl’s Post Exposes A Dangerous Human Trafficking Scheme That Everyone Should Know About

human trafficking

Law enforcement is distributing an important alert concerning a new scheme being carried out by human traffickers to trick and trap unsuspecting women. Human trafficking is a metastasizing scourge and an activity that is occurring in front of our eyes without even recognizing it in most cases.

The first thing that comes to mind if something is noticed on our vehicle’s windshield during the process of entering the car, is to take the item off the windshield. However; that is precisely what a popular social post is indicating human traffickers would like potential victims to try.

A Facebook post with this specific cautionary story has been shared around 107,000 times and continues to be passed around virally. A young woman named Ashley Hardacre got in her car and noticed a shirt looking through her windshield, but rather than exiting the car to take it off and possibly finding herself as prey, the smart 19-year-old started her car and drove to an isolated safe place first.

Hardacre remembered her mom indicating that this might be a tactic employed by human traffickers. The young woman’s word of caution to everyone is that this is able to happen to anyone at any time.

Law enforcement in Palm Beach and the state of Florida are alerting individuals to be careful and to constantly stay conscious that there are always malevolent scumbags out there waiting for oblivious people to fall into their trap.

Ashley’s post is below:
human trafficking

Here’s Hardacre in a television interview as well: