Girls Tell Man Eating At McDonald’s He’s “Disgusting” Then They Get What’s Coming

A viral video posted online shows a group of girls fat-shaming a McDonald’s customer.

In the video, the girls are bullying the man about his weight while he waits to get his order taken. The girls tell him he’s disgusting and that fat people don’t need to be in a fast food restaurant. The girls tell the man he needs to “jog on” and “stop eating” because he’s already “so fat.”

A bystander asks the girls what their problem is and one girl replies that she’s “just trying to help him.” She goes on to say that because he’s fat, he needs to leave. She tells the man that he needs to order a salad.

The argument got so intense that another customer chimed in, defending the man, saying he also had a belly and lifted up his shirt to show it off. He said the girls don’t need to treat others like the man.

Upon saying that, he pours his drink on top of the girl’s head, with onlookers cheering him on.

The clip has garnered more than 394,000 YouTube views, with more than 69,000 reactions.

One Facebook user said it was a good thing to see a person stand up for a stranger.

Another person said the girls may be pretty but were downright nasty, poor excuses for human beings.

However, a number of users called the video out as being staged with one commenter saying they were happy somebody stood up for a stranger but that the video is fake. They said it was the way the girl spoke when the man pours his drink on her – like you know about a birthday party but still act surprised.

And, it appears that these commenters were right. The video was just a prank to see what people would do when faced with surreal situations – a social experiment. YouTube channel Trollstation came up with the video.

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