Guy Get Glasses Tattooed On His Face But His GF Doesn’t Look Completely Sold…

Think you’ve seen everything? What about the top 5 weirdest tattoos? Well, Matthew’s tattoo – eyeglasses that you don’t ever have to take off, might enter that competition for sure… Maybe the guy just wants to see the world through clear eyes?

Matthew seems to be no stranger to tats, having them on many parts of his body already, including on his neck and all over arms.

Here are some of Matthew’s concepts for the glasses tattoo:


The tattoo artist getting some inspiration with real glasses on Matthew’s face.

Thumbs up from the man getting tattooed, but is his GF happy about it?  Hard to tell in this pic. She’s smiling, but maybe she’s putting on a nice face for now.

There’s no doubt this was a skillful procedure.  The tattoo artists did a fine job.  You can see the process in the photos below.

All done!  He’s got some black rimmed spectacles that will stay on forever.  And that word “forever” might be running through the GF’s head at this moment. Take a look at her face in these pics.


The girlfriend has crossed arms at dinner and no overly enthusiastic smiles, but perhaps she’s just more of a melancholy artist type and really loves the new look.  But she could also be thinking “Can we pull this off together when we’re 55?”  

The following pic just doesn’t look like she’s completely sold:

Whoa.  There’s no doubt this guy was probably the hippest in town that day.  Will he be the hippest guy forever?  Will he live in regret?  Will he have to go to a laser tattoo removal center in the future?  Only time will tell!

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