Grandma Sends Offensive Card To Grandson Without Knowing It…

Grandmas give some of the best presents.  They are usually thoughtful, caring, and full of love and generosity.  In the modern times, too many things have become perverted, and almost everything can be construed as something dirty.  It’s funny but also kind of unfortunate.  That’s certainly what happened here.

Henry Frasier got a card from his Grandma, but it was arranged to form quite an interesting acronym.

See what she wrote:


Here are some additional Grandma gifts that had a bit of a different meaning than what Grandma intended.

Brodie Dean got an interesting present from Grandma too.  Now this one he can wear around with impunity because he always has that excuse, “My Grandma got it for me!”.


Check out this Grandma’s gift to her Grandson that has some sort of odd fine in an unfortunate place.  The Grandson doesn’t look completely thrilled but he’s taking that picture for Grandma.


Grandmas are the best.  They not only love us to pieces, but they are so innocent at times even at their wiser old age which is pretty rare these days.

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