13 Of The Greatest Yearbook Quotes Ever Published

There are rough moments as we grow up, most notably in our teenage years going through school.  Especially High School…  There are many episodes of measuring up to others in our classes, athletics, and although it’s probably not a healthy thing to judge on, our looks.  It’s just the reality of the culture we live in.  Some people make the best of all these times and I have a feeling the following people are those types.  These students left hilarious, witty, and entertaining yearbook quotes next to their yearbook portraits.


Griffin didn’t listen.  Don’t you know Momma’s always right Griffin?


Now that is funny.  Self-deprication makes for the best humor, but this guy is also happy as can be!


Damenian got kicked out of Hogwarts he said.


Dang it Segun, I was always wondering where those came from…


Holy cow, that is insightful.  A positive attitude like that will take Yunosuke far in life.


Prove it, Joe.


Honest, funny, and brave at the same time.  Quite a feat.


Reminds me of that episode of Family Guy. Daniel we hope you make your Dad proud.


Me too Irfan, me too.  No one adopted mine though.


The man, Amith, a legend!


Now that’s just wrong Jaylen.


I’m sure it was a very pretty haircut Ghufran.  You look beautiful!


How many twins have you known that look exactly the same?  These guys took it to the next level in their yearbook quotes with computer speak.

Ahh yearbook moments.  Once the years have passed, it’s always great to go back through and remember all the good, bad, funny, and ridiculous times of high school in the yearbook. After likely many trials and tribulations, these students weathered the storms and came out with a great sense of humor and decided to display it.  Good for them.

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