Muslim Family Claims They Were Intentionally Served Bacon At Alabama McDonald’s

A McDonald’s restaurant has been accused of intentionally putting bacon on the family meal of a Muslim family.

The family stopped off at a Decatur McDonald’s and put in an order for 14 sandwiches. As they were eating their food, they came across the bacon. The Islam religion firmly prohibits the consumption of pork.

According to Alabama’s head of Council of American-Islamic Relations Khaula Hadeed, the family noticed the burgers tasted odd. They ate McChickens regularly and knew something wasn’t right with their sandwiches.

According to Hadeed, this was an attack on the Muslim family.

She said 14 sandwiches are not a mistake. He called it an act of ethnic and religious bigotry.

The family is understandably upset.

Hadeed said McDonald’s needs to look into the incident and fire any employees that were responsible for it and to ensure nothing like this happens again.

Many people responded saying they believed the Muslim’s family story and, to do something like this was un-Christian and un-American.

Another person said Decatur is full of alt-right, religious folks who don’t tolerate other people’s beliefs.

Some didn’t believe the story, saying that they thought it was a scam and the family was looking for a payout.

Others said most employees in the back don’t even see the customers they are fixing the orders for.