The Danger Signs Of A High-Functioning Alcoholic

Habitual drinking is something many are having a hard time to stop. Some would say they are just casual drinkers and wouldn’t admit that they are already a high-functioning alcoholic.

At first glance, it is hard to say if someone has a drinking problem or not. But you are concern that someone you know is dealing with this problem, there are few warning signs to look at. Read on to find out.

1. Alcoholic drink vs meal: You go out to a dinner with a friend and he asks for an alcohol wine instead of a meal, be concerned about it. It is normal to skip a dinner once in a while. However, if your friend frequently does order wine instead of a meal, this could be the best time to talk to him about it.



2. No Sign of Hangover: A person who has developed a high tolerance to alcohol will not experience a hangover at all. So if you notice that a friend of yours consumed a ton of wine last night and would ask you to hit a club the next morning without any traces of hangover, think about it.



3. Erratic behavior: A person who is depended on alcohol acts normal but easily gets mad if he feels the scarcity of his booze supply. The scenario can be when the liquor store is closed. You may also notice some mood swings. He is typically quiet at the office but becomes easily irritated lately.



4. Too much intake: People with alcohol problem usually binge and will always ask for one more even if they still have one in their hand.



5. Memory problem: Most of the time, alcoholics have no memory of what happened during intoxication. For instance, they may forget that you’ve told them a story. Sometime they will ask you the same questions over and over again while they were drunk.



6. Denial: Denying that a problem exists is common in most addictions. He feels uncomfortable once someone brought it up and will get upset whenever someone tells him to quit it.



7. Excuses for alcoholism: They will find any reason to rationalize their drinking. He will give any senseless excuse as to why there is nothing wrong with drinking. His reason could be booze could help him deal with everyday stress at work or it helps him get a good night sleep.



8. Hiding the booze: Another sign that he is already a high-functioning alcoholic is that he drinks alone or hides his booze from others. He usually does it in his car or at his office desk when no one is looking.



9. Selfish person: A person that is addicted to alcohol doesn’t care much about the feelings of others. He knows that he is causing the suffering of a loved one, but having his alcohol is more important to him than anyone else.



10. Sense of humor: There are also people who are dealing with an alcohol problem who try to make things light and jolly. His intention is not to draw attention to the real problem.



11. The timing is off: There is nothing wrong if Dad asks for a drink during dinner time. But when he does take a bottle of booze on his own every morning, this could be a problem.


12. Anger: A person who is already addicted to alcohol will easily get angry if he is confronted about it. He doesn’t care even if it is someone he loves that brought it up.


Source: providr